Socially responsible business

We are aware of the responsibility that we have towards the community where we operate. We believe how big and important role the private sector has when it comes to encourage positive changes in the environment. That is why the social responsibility has the key role in our business.

Believing how we are all part of the same team, at MBM Commerce we take for our responsibility to promote values that we are obliged to, by investing the part of our profit into community.

The MBM Commerce’s business strategy is socially responsible, based on relations with the employees, the community where we operate, and, the environment.

Responsibility to the employees

Constant investing into the employee’s professional growth is one of main strategic goals at MBM Commerce. Educational system provides self-improvement and acquisition of all kinds of skills and knowledge needed for their professional growth.

We are highly dedicated to long-term education and self-improvement of our employees in order to help them stay prepared for their work and the given task. We take as our obligation to support our employees in their professional and personal growth.

We aim to create a stimulating work environment. The payroll system works on operating results and we tend to award appropriately every employee’s striving or achievement.

Responsibility to the community

Searching for the projects of the same values as the MBM Commerce beliefs in, our choice has fallen onto the futsal club Alumnus.

The club established in 2008 by the students of the Faculty for Electrical Engineering and Computing (FER), till today it succeeded to establish itself among the distinguished premier league, aiming for the champion title.

The following ideas: speed, simplicity, quality and modernization, can summarize the values we share with the futsal club.

2011-2012 The Club begins to play in Croatian premier league (1.HMNL)

2012-2013 The Club changes its name to Alumnus, referring to the university roots that are important for its formation. It finds itself at the 4th place at the end of a Season.

The only regional representative that received an invitation to participate at the Kuwait Mini World Cup Futsal Tournament, the unofficial futsal club’s championship.

Alumnus puts a huge accent on the work with the young categories, and the first team players are primarily students. The goal is to show the inseparable connection among the education and sports.

Environmental responsibility

We strictly follow the legal regulations regarding the cooling and air conditioning equipment.

The Ministry who issues the permits for the cooling system gases disposal has issued the work and the disposal permit to the MBM Commerce, in order to work safely with them and to dispose of them when disconnecting the devices.

At the assembly of the cooling and air conditioning devices, we always take into consideration the optimization of energy expenses, in accordance with the client’s interests.