MBM Commerce 

is one of the leading companies in Croatian market for assembly and servicing of cooling and air conditioning systems.

Complete quality control and operating approach with more than twenty years of loyalty. Every new day stimulates us to learn from the start in order to enhance our service on a daily basis.

Our management model is aiming at the business partner’s satisfaction above all, and according to the growing number of Partners who trust us, seems as if our effort is being recognized.


1989 – Establishment of a trade “Marko-Servis” which counts one single employee.

1999 - First supermarket stores open in Croatia, recognizing in “Marko-Servis” the ideal solution for their constantly growing needs.

2003 – The trade “Marko-Servis” becomes a company MBM Commerce.

2010 - Company is implementing major organizational changes, among others, it moves to a new, modern space.

2014 – Still the best.


To recognize and to satisfy our Partner’s needs on time and gain the mutual satisfaction by accelerating the operating process, in order to ease and speed up the business itself.


To stay at the top and simply – to be successful! To do it with the now how and constant investing in development, the use of today’s most advanced technologies, and with the understanding how excellence represents a measuring unit for quality.