Insisting on the quality is one of the main MBM Commerce’s characteristics. We believe how a strong integration of a quality policy into our employee’s mind makes us more competitive in Croatian market, as in foreign markets.


To go with the trends flow that changes day by day, isn’t often easy. Constant monitoring of the worldwide technology trends and their implementation into our operating system, results in changes that are constantly improving the company.

The world we live in changes on a daily basis. That is the reason why we look at every new day as an opportunity for improvement in every field of our activity: from production and maintenance, to consultancy and cooling engineering.


We aim to be efficient in our operations, and we do believe how fast and appropriate reaction represents a key for developing the credibility standard in relations with our groups of interest. We stand at our partner’s disposal 24 hours a day – 7 days a week!


MBM Commerce is dedicated to simplicity and quality approach. We aim to build partnerships by approaching professionally our business partners, in order to secure the best possible solutions for the challenges they give us.


We always bring out our clients desires and demands professionally and efficiently. An individual approach to every client and development of the optimal solution that satisfies every need, are possible thanks to our expertise but also to distinguished partnerships. Here are some of them.

The coverage

The MBM Commerce’s Headquarters is located in Zagreb.

The motor pool counts fifteen vans and three personal cars and they all make possible a quick response to service as well as to other logistic needs.

Widely spread and carefully built collaboration web secures complete coverage of Croatia, as also guarantees the speed in operations throughout the entire country.

The operations that are more demanding, such as cooling and air conditioning devices assembly at a new construction site, are managed by our collaborators under the direct surveillance of one of our mobile teams.

The Automatic Malfunction Registration on the MBM Commerce web site makes possible our fast response on the malfunction that was registered.

We are at your service 24 hours a day – 7 days a week.

MBM Commerce Administrations

Area covered by MBM Commerce mobile teams for technical and service support

Area covered by collaborators for technical and service support